Growing Great Leaders for Conservation and Development across Africa

Growing Great Leaders for
Conservation and Development
Across Africa.

Emotional Intelligence, Creativity and People Management Skills are three of the top 10 essential attributes a leader will need to possess in 2020.


Steve Johnson is one of those truly remarkable human beings with a quiver of remarkable arrows. He quickly engages those with whom he interacts with the special human qualities of being interesting and interested, then with his powerful and artful bow, sends arrows to their targets. Smart and shrewd, easy to laugh and slow to frustration, his presence in any room, beside any fire adds to the setting immeasurably. I consider myself blessed to have crossed paths with this very fine person and consider him a brother.

Michael McBride

Michael McBride

Founder & Owner
Kachemak Bay Wilderness Lodge
Anchorage | Alaska

Having had the privilege of working with Steve in various capacities for over a decade, I continue to be inspired and learn from his unique, creative and empathetic perspective. He is able to do incite new ways of thinking and leading in others with his outstanding facilitation skills. He embraces innovation, looking for novel ways to take on wicked problems recognizing that conservation is really all about people. Great mind, great person!

Doreen Robinson

Doreen Robinson

Chief of Wildlife Unit, Biodiversity and Land Management Branch at
Nairobi | Kenya.

Meet Our Founder & CEO

Steve Johnson is a career biodiversity conservation and sustainable development specialist with over 45 years of experience in the field – in executive management positions as well as in senior technical advisory roles across Southern Africa.

Steven Johnson - Founder & CEO or GrowthLeaders Africa

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