Growing Great Leaders for Conservation and Development across Africa



Are you a leader with a conscience – wanting to leave a great legacy?
Do you ever think about how social, economic and environmental
issues concern you or your organisation?

Unprecedented social and environmental challenges face us – globally and locally. I draw on elements from Africa’s rich culture and wildlife to help you grow to become a more conscious leader. I like to work with those visionaries who have the passion to do good, to use their influence with integrity and leave a positive legacy for those to come!

My unique coaching conscious reflection’ approach helps you realize your place in the complexity of our modern world, and how to forge a personal mission – to grow as a bold and committed leader – supporting you on a co-managed journey to greater self-awareness and legacy-consciousness. My guided, reflection-based approach helps you to liberate yourself from the chains of your socially conditioned mental limitations – to uncover the hidden aspects of your self-actualization’ – allowing you to realize your meaningful legacy.

I was fortunate and grew up on a farm and was privileged to connect with nature at an early age – understanding its richness, interconnectedness, and fragility, and have since worked with wildlife and people through my whole career. I use these insights to make your journey of growth to forge your legacy as a leader with a conscience – finding the greatness in you – helping you to achieve your life’s ultimate goals and unrealized aspirations through nature’s lessons.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
– Mark Twain

I will walk along-side you – not just as a guide but as a fellow traveller – to inspire and motivate you to build on your strengths and talents. We will use metaphors, analogies and examples from nature to help you reflect on life and gain deeper insights and understanding about your potential as a leader – to face the challenges of life.

As a former executive of many organizations – small and large, I placed great emphasis on helping my staff to realize their true potential, challenging them to be the best person they could be – to set personal goals and to have big ambitions – using these as the forces and drive that would motivate and inspire them to achieve greatness, even extraordinary things. From my teenage years through to the present, I have received many awards for leadership, and I will draw on my more than 50 years of experience in leadership positions to help you dig deep inside your mind and spirit – into the fire of passion in your belly, to unearth your amazing leadership potential, to be able to speak your truth to power and emerge with a shining legacy – full of meaning and integrity.