Growing Great Leaders for Conservation and Development across Africa

Programs and Courses

“A leader takes people
where they want to go.
A great leader takes
people where they don’t necessarily want to go,
but ought to be.”

– Rosalynn Carter


Emerging Transformers

These are just that – managers in the emerging ranks of leaders in an organization – transforming from being supervisors to full-blown managers of a small to a moderate number of staff members– just learning the tricks of the leadership ‘trade’.

This cadre of emerging leaders will largely have access to a wide range of concentrated learning material – much of this being short courses and online training modules. This can incorporate anything from a day’s webinar on a topic of importance to a week-long compact learning opportunity. It is this cadre of learners where short, intense bursts learning will take place for possibly hundreds of people per module.


Growth Leaders

These are key influencers, with middle-level management experience from organization linked to conservation and development – Directors, Heads of Departments, CEOs and Captains of Industry, and the like. They are the people who influence large numbers of people – between 50 and 1,000 people, largely under their management control in an organisation. Here we take a more ‘tailor-made’ approach fit for to each individuals specific context by offering a more formal course framework that will be certified.

Blended learning methods will be used, using the same, free, internet-based short capsules of learning that are available to the ‘Emerging Transformers’ group. Here formal mini-courses will be provided where the online material is used to facilitate learning through assignments, backed-up by participation in on-line group discussions as well as webinars. Some courses might require attendance in workshops for face-to-face peer- learning


Master Leaders

Change and growth at scale is most easily achieved through those who have great amounts of influence in society. We experience this where government ministers and cabinet members are able to make high-level decisions on key issues – or at least influence the direction they might take. They, in turn, are influenced by those who they rely on for getting information and guidance. Captains of the industry also play a significant role in directing the direction of national economies through their economic power and influence.

This is the Transformation and Growth Journey and here the approach is to develop a greater leadership capacity with these thought-leaders through more intimate dialogues and gatherings with industry specialists and experts, complemented with learning journeys to model sites, places and situations that create insights and trigger understanding.

Partners In Conservation

GrowthLeaders works on a truly collaborative basis – linking in with a wide range of related and associated organisations, including academic institutions, development agencies, government bodies, private sector partners and NGOs.
This course focuses on the Leadership skills necessary when working in the Conservation and Development space – linking specific Leadership skills to particular conservation and/or development situations – exploring processes, outcomes, and impacts.