Growing Great Leaders for Conservation and Development across Africa


“A leader is one who
knows the way, goes the way,
and shows the way.”

– John C. Maxwell

Our Approach to Leadership in Conservation

Our approach to leadership is eclectic – embracing the most promising current models, concepts and processes – yet being astute enough to accommodate useful elements of new and emerging trends as they appear. However a core element of our approach is managing change for the better – transforming the status quo to a better, desired or preferred future. We work best with an individual focus – but orientating it towards a necessary wider and communal or societal framework. Our leaders need to better understand themselves as completely as possible before being able to understand the people they influence and work with. A ‘deep-awakening’ and personal transformation is most often a desired journey that leads towards a wider understanding of leadership attributes and how these should be acquired and used to influence and persuade others to follow. Becoming an effective and influential leader is a process and not a product – a journey and not a destination.

Transformative Leadership

One of life’s only real constants is that change will happen! Change means transforming from one situation or state to another – some being good change and at times it may result in an undesired state or situation. Transformative leadership, however aims to influence the way a person works with others to create positive change – to transform an existing state or situation into a better one.